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About us


SMS Speedway is a UK company. Our clients include some of the country's biggest blue chip companies.

Our solid reputation is built on our Key Values and Drivers

  • challenging the norm
  • innovation
  • leading the market
  • fine-crafted quality solutions
  • responsive, flexible and quick to react
  • client relationships are valuable assets
  • adding value to our client's business
  • client satisfaction levels of 100%
  • client support 24/7
  • compliance with UK and EU data protection laws
  • service level agreement valid in UK

Based in the UK

We are proud to be British. It means we will still be here tomorrow! Using an overseas operator puts your business at risk: How safe is your strategic information? How often can you meet? When things go wrong, are they available? We offer free support on a standard cost telephone line. We don't close our support desk for the night. There are no time differences to worry about. SMS Speedway is here for you - 24/7!

Data protection

We fully comply with UK and EU data protection laws. We also will not harvest, resell or profiteer from your client data. Our contract guarantees our service. We use our own ecommerce-grade, high security servers located in secure data centres. We monitor and check them 24/7. Message delivery is only through routes that comply with our legal and company standards. We regularly check them too!

Fine-crafted Quality Solutions

We craft quality solutions to meet our customer's needs. We constantly innovate; we stay ahead of the crowd. We get it right. We are responsive, flexible and quick to react to your business needs. Our competitors are forced to play catch-up, resulting in inferior products and regular patches to correct operational faults. You don't need the hassle! Your business success depends on top quality product and service.

Absolute Customer Focus

You can depend on us. We promise client satisfaction levels of 100%. We offer free support on a standard cost telephone line. SMS Speedway guarantees the lowest prices possible while delivering absolute quality, reliability, availability, and support. Making the right decision is crucial to the success of your business.

The New Shop Front

Business is changing rapidly. Yesterday's solutions no longer give you the competitive advantage. To stay ahead you need to embrace the latest technological innovations. A website is not enough - it's about reaching your clients in real time. Keeping them at the cutting-edge of good deals, special offers and interesting opportunities.

Text messaging with SMS Speedway is the most powerful communications tool in the property business.

A word about line quality

SMS is critical to your business. Therefore the text messaging service that you use has to be fit for purpose. However, the reality is that not all SMS services are equal. SMS delivery is based around special computer systems called the SMSC (Short Message Service Centres)..SMSCs are delivery hubs, servers that send and receive text messages. There are a wide range of SMSCs in operation. Many mobile operators outsource their SMSC operations to companies such as Logica. There are many SMSCs in India and other popular outsourcing destinations. Often these services offer "cheap" text messaging. However, if it looks too good to be true, most often it is and the same rule applies to text messaing services.

In the UK, all the mobile phone networks charge each other to deliver SMSes. This means that there is no such thing as a "free" text message delivert. All suppliers have a minimum of at least 1p per message delivery fees, some overseas operators pay considerably more to UK networks to deliver text messages to UK network clients. This fee is called the internetworking fee. In addition to the internetworking fee, a SMS service incurs other operational costs such as telecoms costs, data centre costs and support staff salaries. These costs all need to be factored into the unit price per text message when calculating the cost to the service per message delivered.

These costs mean that there is only a certain amount of discounting that suppliers can do before they either need to supplement their income through other means (such as harvesting then reselling your client database numbers to third parties) or cutting costs such as overcrowding servers, operating reduced support, poorly maintaining their servers and equipment and using inferior, slower, lower grade telecoms lines across which message payloads are delivered. Many "cheap" suppliers do all these and more in order to remain profitable and many simply do not remain profitable and disappear overnight.

An overcrowded or poorly maintained SMSC will be slow to deliver messages or simply fail to deliver some of them at all. SMSC saturation varies and is unpredictable. Sometimes many people are sending vast numbers of messages, other times fewer people are sending messages. This means that SMSCs that are under-invested will often "queue up" messages for many hours, sometimes days, delivering them when the bandwidth and server capacity is sufficient to do so. This can result in messages being delivered in the middle of the night or after their usefulness has already passed (e.g. a reminder message received after the event). Messages that wake a person at 3am are seldom well received and reflect badly on the sender!

Choosing the wrong text message supplier has an operational impact too. Service providers that are at home asleep during your business hours, or who don't have staff to answer the phone due to cost cutting measures are not suitable for use by a successful business!

Communication with clients is time-critical. Reminders, marketing messages and customer service messages all have a defined time period after which they are no longer useful. Excellent communication is the edge that one business has over its rivals in a very competitive market. Good SMS usage is preferred by the majority of the UK's mobile phone carrying population because it's discrete, convenient and won't disturb you if you are in a meeting or otherwise engaged. It's also cheaper than a phone call and text messages can be delivered in bulk whereas a phone call requires additional staff members and additional calling fees.

However, for SMS to be the preferred client choice and save the business money as well as creating a positive impression, it needs to be reliable. A text message service that sometimes delivers on time, sometimes takes hours to deliver and sometimes fails to deliver is not fit for purpose. If messages are arriving at 3am in the morning, then the business risks angry customers.

I.e. Choosing the right text message provider can be the difference between happy clients or lost clients. It's the difference between business grade messaging for success, and the rest of the pack.