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SMS for estate agents

Whether your property business is in sales, lettings or both, the property market is extremely competitive. SMS Speedway are specialises in property market text messaging. Our services are integrated with many third party software and web services including the mighty Reapt RPS and CFP Winman packages.

SMS Speedway's estate agent clients tell us that our text messaging services provide them with a very definite competitive advantage. These advantages fall into three main categories:



Speed Time is money applies to all industries, but in the property market, it's more serious than that. Time is survival because in property sales, the winner takes all.
Service Text messaging is direct to your client and highly personal to them. They can be read by the client discretely, even during a meeting, and replied to at their discretion. Unlike phone calls, they are non-intrusive. With SMS Speedway, text messaging is also highly personalised and replies are efficiently handled can be be text replies or the customer can call as a normal voice call. All this adds up to great customer service that is unique to text messaging. However, SMS Speedway's service allows you to take advantage of our always-on, 24/7 enterprise class capabilities.

Send reminders (e.g. access for boiler repair) at the time that best suits your client, even when that is out of hours (messages can be submitted for sending at any time and date). Likewise, personalised follow-ups to viewings or courtesy messages can be timed for sending at an appropriate time.

Text messaging with SMS Speedway's platform enables a level of direct customer engagement and customer service not possible by other means..
Cost A text message costs less than a phone call or postage stamp. This is a direct per-message cost benefit. However, the biggest saving is the human cost. Because of our built-for-purpose online estate agent services as well as the efficiencies that integration with your software brings, our clients report that they are able to "punch above their size" as well as cut costs. For example, our service enables individual staff members to communicate efficiently with many clients at the same time, such as texting property details to candidates from a property match. The cost as a proportion of salary of sending a text message versus time spent on the phone conveying the same information by personal phone call is in addition to the telephone call costs and this represents a very significant overhead when compared to the price of a text message.

This boost in productivity and effectiveness brings further cost benefits as it allows a smaller team to achieve more, This, combined with our excellent per-message pricing means that using SMS Speedway's integrated and purpose-built text messaging solution brings a very substantial cost advantage to your business.

Sender ID

To ensure that clients identify who has sent the text message to them, SMS Speedway supports the setting of your company name (max. 11 characters) as a sender ID. The sender ID is displayed as the person sending the text message on the recipient's handset. An alternative is to set the sender ID as your company's telephone number, however as telephone numbers can be embedded within text messages themselves, the most popular means of identifying yourself as the message sender is to set the sender ID to your company name and include your direct line telephone number in the body of the message.

Picture messaging

Text messaging is the most compatible, widespread and familiar means of mobile messaging. However, mobile phones have advanced to become mini computers in your pocket. They are capable displaying pictures and video and communicating via the Internet. SMS Speedway has developed a unique (patent pending) picture messaging solution that fully leverages the power of modern mobile handsets whilst not leaving older handsets behind.

Like a standard company letter, messages with out Picture messaging solution are branded with your company logo and include your contact details, tag line or any other information that you wish them to contain. The messages are effectively mini brochures capable of including multiple pictures of the property and proper descriptions, pricing and other such details. Moreover, our picture messaging supports user -actions, such as proving a button for the user to click to request more information or arrange a viewing.

Unlike other picture messaging services, sending a picture messaging with SMS Speedway costs the same as a normal text message. To ensure compatibility with all handsets, SMS Speedway includes a standard text message with all property picture message sends, thereby ensuring that the widest range of handsets get your message!

Beat the spam filters

Many anti-Spam filters simply delete property-related emails. This results in high failure rate using email as a communication tool. Text messaging succeeds where email fails.

Customer choice

Many people prefer a discrete text message, especially if they are at work or in other similarly sensitive situations, to other forms of communication.

Big return on investment

Text messaging is extremely effective at driving sales and retaining customers. As one client so eloquently said: "The cost of doing it [sms] is not what's important, it's the cost of not doing it that I worry about".


Twitter is a web-based service that attempts to emulate the success of mobile phone text messaging on the Internet. Twitter is effectively SMS for web browsers. At SMS Speedway we have integrated Twitter into our services so that we can extend your reach beyond mobile phones. Twitter is not appropriate for all forms of communication, for example, sending a personal text message to a client will not be echoed onto Twitter. However, for new property announcements, and other mass marketing messages, enabling Twitter integration on your account brings added reach and marketing clout to your property announcements.

Twitter operates on a client-registration basis called following as well as enabling searches to find appropriate Twitter announcements (called tweets). This enables clients to receive instant and direct notifications of your announcements in the similar manner to a mobile phone receiving a text message. In addition to notifications, Twitter supports extensive search facilities as well as being integrated into both Google's, Yahoo's and Microsoft's search facilities. This means that with SMS Speedway's integrated SMS and Twitter service for estate agents, your property announcements get the widest, fastest and most direct reach possible. See our Twitter page for further details.