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What to do next

How to sign up

It's instant and online! You can sign up by visiting and clicking on "Register". You just fill in your details and the system will email you with your new password and login details. That's all there is to it.

Reapit RPS customers

If you use Reapit RPS, please sign up as described above. Once you have received the login details, these should be sent to your Reapit support team (either Reapit or Logic) who will then configure your Reapit RPS software for you.

CFP Winman customers

If you use CFP Winman, then you need to configure your software with the new account details:

  1. Within CFPWinMan you will need to locate the “Defaults” menu which is located along the top bar of your WinMan screen as below:


  2. Please click on this and follow the menu down to “User Defaults”.

  3. Once in “User Defaults” you will need to click on the “Preferences button” and then on the “General” tab as below:



  4. Once on the “General” tab you should be able to see the “SMS Defauts”button as below:



  5. Please click this button. You will see the following screen:


  6. This is where you will need to input your SMS Speedway account details that are given to you in the registration email that you received. These are entered as follows:

    • The company code should be entered in the A/C or Company field (also given in the email).
    • Your user ID should be entered into the Account Login field
    • The password must be entered into the password field as well as the PIN field.
    • Please ensure that you select the HTTP interface method (select the normal HTTP, not the flash HTTP when asked).
Should you require CFP application support, CFP request that you contact their Support team on 01209 313121.