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The key points are:

  • No setup fee.
  • No monthly fee.
  • Credits never expire (so large purchases can be consumed over time).
  • We're UK based and comply with UK and EU data protection act as well as ICTSTIS and other statutory and industry regulations (this is a huge factor as overseas players are not subject to these rules and hence clients using them have no protection).
  • We only use genuinely business grade delivery channels
  • We offer two price lists for on-line purchases, one suitable for regular (volume) SMS users, the other for more occasional SMS users.
  • A special 4.5p rate is available for fixed monthly purchases by standing order.

Volume users:

High volume users can benefit considerably through online bulk purchases. Credits do not expire, allowing clients to benefit from quarterly, bi-annual or annual purchases. Many clients find that this suits their budget and administration cycles in addition to offering cheaper messaging.

SMS bundle size Price £ Total Free messages
1 0.079 £0.079  
950 0.074 £70.3  
2200 0.063 £138.6  
5000 0.06 £300  
10000 0.058 £580  
20000 0.056 £1120  
50000 0.054 £2700  
80000 0.049 £3920  
100000 0.043 £4300  
250000 0.039 £9750 1100

Low traffic pricing:

We recognise that some clients may not anticipate sending messages regularly or in bulk. For these clients, we offer a pricing plan tailored for smaller purchases:

SMS bundle size Price per msg Total
1 0.12 £0.12
950 or more 0.07 £66.50

Monthly standing order - enterprise package

SMS Speedway is pleased to offer our clients the cost-savings and simplicity of fixed monthly text message bundles purchased by standing order. Because this method of payment saves us money, we pass the saving on to you. Monthly standing order purchases have a flat fee of 4.5p per credit (plus VAT) for any size of monthly purchase above the minimum order amount of 2000 credits (£90 plus VAT).

A paid in full VAT invoice is sent to you every month for your records. The credits are automatically added to your account every month. Should your usage exceed the monthly amount, SMS Speedway will notify you that your balance is running low and you can top up on-line at the rates given above.

Benefit from bulk purchases

Because your credits never expire you are able to take advantage of bulk purchase prices. This also benefits clients with quarterly, bi-annual or annual budgets.