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Measure and maximise your ROI.

Great marketing needs careful measurement to ensure that it's effective. SMS Speedway recognises the need for management to measure the return on investment. Likewise marketing professionals need to measure the effectiveness of campaigns to help them fine-tune their strategies for maximum effect.

Text messaging is usually left out of the loop but not with SMS Speedway! Our powerful reporting tools, integration with best-of-breed analysis tools as well as our open architecture enable you with multimedia performance metrics and powerful analysis tools.

Operational returns

If you want to win a race, get a head start! Our system has been designed to maximise end-to-end ROI, from its design and operation to the way that we bill messages, each component has included efficiency and returns in the design and implementation goals It's part of our fabric.

SMS as a driver

Leveraging the benefits of text messaging enables you to squeeze a maximum return from every penny:

  • Text messages are cheaper than a mobile phone call
  • They are also cheaper than postage stamps.
  • Bulk sending casts a wide net at very low cost. Not only are the per message costs low, so are the staffing and infrastructure costs around the communication.

This infrastructure saving as a function of messaging is presently unique to text messaging as is its near-linear scalability curve. This means that the greater your text message usage, the greater your returns because the cost of scaling up delivers the returns multiple at a flat rated or diminishing cost per message, allowing you to pocket the difference as ROI!

This, of course, is made possible because the unseen cost base driving the linear cost curve is the massive investment in network infrastructure made by your service providers, the mobile networks and SMS Speedway It is these services, not your own organisation or cost centres that absorb the cost of scaling.

Likewise the diminishing costs with scale reflect the better pricing for greater volume that SMS Speedway offers. So again, your ROI is maximised because it offsets against the SMS Speedway and mobile networks investments.

Operational ROI with SMS Speedway

Maximising your return on investment is made possible because of our unique ROI focus:

  • We pre-filter every send to remove invalid numbers or undeliverable messages. This gives our clients an average 40% saving on messaging costs with some sectors achieving a staggering ROI increase of 900%.
  • Time is money and lost opportunity is lost revenue. We only deliver via networks and routes that are enterprise class and fit for business use. Prompt, reliable message delivery is the key to marketing success and thereby deriving maximum returns from that marketing.
  • Downtime costs clients. Our enterprise class infrastructure ensures a 100% network availability while our top tier routes achieve an astonishing 85% average delivery success rate (delivery depends on handsets being in range and turned on). Our platform is designed and built by blue-chip-experienced, highly qualified staff and operates from multiple, geographically redundant. world-class data centres. Our top-tier platform drives our phenomenal delivery achievement. This translates directly into return on your investment, protecting you from loss, maximising your ability to capitalise quickly on opportunity and enabling you to beat the pack.
  • Waste eats profits! At SMS Speedway, we remove duplicate messages to keep your communication lean with high impact.
  • Pay for results! Most SMS providers levy charges on entry to their system. By contrast, our billing is applied at the delivery end of the service..This means that you pay for messages sent, without being charged for the invalid, undeliverable or duplicate entries. You pay for results with SMS Speedway!
  • We provide real-time number validation, allowing your applications and web pages to validate mobile numbers upon entry against the network providers' own records. This delivers value over and over again as bad data in carries a multi-vectored cost and cleanup penalty.
  • SMS Speedway has a company ethos committed to your ROI and genuine value for money. This separates us from others who simply bill for any and every message that they can, regardless of its deliverability, value or success. We seek to maintain our genuine value to you whenever and wherever we can. We constantly work to return more value to you for less.

Measurement and simplicity

SMS Speedway enables you to measure your return on investment.

  • Our full delivery logging ensures accurate billing reconciliation and accounting.
  • Simple per-message charge with no fixed, setup or management fees enables a precise per-message cost and ROI calculation.
  • Our system supports advanced, corporate-aware user account structures to be defined that reflect your organisational structure and SMS usage. This ensures that messages are correctly accounted for and can be costed to the appropriate business units and activities within the organisation.
  • Our extensive reporting capabilities provide a rich source of essential data for metrics, analytics and effectiveness calculations.
  • We fully support keyword and work-flow triggers which enable very precise campaign and user behaviour monitoring in addition to providing ROI vectors.
  • We integrate with tools such as Google Analytics to that your text messaging can be analysed in the same manner as your web traffic and email campaigns. We're bringing SMS in from the cold!