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Picture messaging

SMS Speedway's patent-pending picture messaging solution, MMS Cubed, is a powerful, interactive picture messaging solution built especially for presentation marketing sectors such as the property market or the retail sector.It employs dual-mode messaging, POT - plain old text and OTA - Over the Air to be as widely compatible with all handsets that are SMS-enabled but yet to harness the power of WAP-enabled and smartphone handsets.

Our solution overcomes the many shortcomings of ordinary MMS picture messaging, allowing messages branded with the corporate logo and contract information to be sent. These messages are rich in content. They can contain multiple images, allow customer feedback (such as a "Please call me" or "Send more info" buttons) and can interface directly with your system if required. Content is automatically and intelligently scaled to the capabilities of the phone on-the-fly meaning that data traffic is kept to a minimum and presentation quality ismaximised . For example a phone capable of displaying only low resolution black and white pictures will receive images that have been scaled to its low resolution and are in black and white, whereas more powerful, higher resolution full colour phones will receive better quality images. Our unique database of handset capabilities is kept up to date with the latest models.

Text-in codes

Promote properties in the press or in your shop window by including a text-in code for more information. This provides a 24/7 opening time for your clients and saves on mass media advertising costs. SMS Speedway will automatically reply to requests with either a text message or a picture message. It can also notify your staff of the request for further follow-up.

2-way and 3-way communication (SMS and voice reply-backs)

SMS Speedway can provide comprehensive 2-way and 3-way messaging. Text messages can be either branded with the sender's name (up to 11 characters Alphanumeric) or sent with a long number ("normal" mobile number) sender ID. Sending with the Sender ID as a "normal" mobile number allows the recipient to reply to the message. However, we also support voice-calls to reply-back numbers. These are delivered via our comprehensive VOIP (Voice Over IP) services, allowing calls to be delivered directly to a call centre. Our VOIP offering is extensive and more information is available on request

Video streaming

Some applications require video presented to the handset. Our MMS Cubed technology that performs picture messaging is also fully video-enabled. For example, an new property development or fashion range may have a promotional video developed. Viewing this video can be included in the multimedia message.

Text-in communication

Allow clients to text messages to your help desk. When your office is closed, your service doesn't have to be. SMS is a cheap, effective communication tool preferred by clients for its ease of use and instant availability.

Remote control

Our fully extensible, plug-in architecture fully supports mobile-based and SMS-based remote control. This can be fully authenticated and locked down to originating number as well as password and challenge-response. Existing usage ranges from server rebooting to security camera operation.

Number validation and status

We offer a real time mobile number validation service. We also provide a number status service allowing clients to determine the current country and service provider (MCC and MNC) for a handset as well as whether that handset is turned on or off.

Mobile games, applications and integration

SMS Speedway's plugin based, extensible architecture enables us to fully support applications based around mobile communication. Promotions, competitions, games and integration into other servers and services are just some of the features that we support.

Support for Individual, multi-branch, group and frenchisee billing, reporting and management structures

SMS Spedway is built to support a wide variety of customer types:

  • Individual accounts
  • Companies with two or three branches
  • Multi-branch companies
  • Franchises - Both consolidated and stand-alone structures
  • Groups with centralised billing and central draw-down
  • Groups with centralised billing and internal charging with internally allocated purchase assignment.
  • Groups with centralised admin but individual billing

Management control can either flat or hierarchical with management accounts creating their own sub accounts. Reporting can likewise be group-based, individual or based on sub-groups/pre-defined reporting structures.


  • Oracle
  • Web services
  • JSON
  • XML
  • HTTP and HTTPS
  • Email
  • Java
  • Linux
  • Unix
  • Windows
  • Postgres
  • Ruby on Rails
  • PHP
  • Python
  • C, C++
  • AXIS
  • Googe App engine
  • Amazon EC2
  • Web services
  • Bespoke applications

Google Analytics

Google Analytics is a powerful tool that tracks your web site traffic and marketing effectiveness. It is rapidly becoming as standard a web site activity as SEO (search engine optimisation) and cross-browser compatibility testing. SMS Speedway fully supports Google Analytics integration so that your Google Analystics reports and data mining can include test and picture messaging alongside your web traffic analysis.

Comprehensive delivery reports

SMS Speedway provides full message logging and real-time delivery reports. That delivery status of all text messages can be seen as they make their way to the recipient's handset. A full audit trail is kept.

Business intelligence

SMS Speedway supports a very wide range of reporting and data mining such as mean delivery times, outlier identification, average response, return on investment profiling, etc.

Twitter integration

Use SMS Speedway to not only push your message to mobile users but also tweet your messages to Twitter. SMS Speedway is your springboard far beyond text messasing. Instantly Twitter-enable your existing software solution such as Reapit RPS or CFP software through SMS Speedway.