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You, your clients and SMS

Text messaging has revolutionised business communication with its unique features and instant, mass market yet highly personalised nature. Traditional mass communication (newspapers, television, billboards) cannot be personalised, is not private and is not direct to your clients.

Postage solves some of these problems but is neither instant or completely private and Email only partially resolves these issues as it relies on the recipient checking their email and the rise of anti-spam filtering is often removing legitimate mass communication.

Text messaging uniquely solves these problems with its many advantages. SMS is:

  • Cheaper than calling a mobile phone and cheaper than a postage stamp.
  • Mass communication: Can instantly contact 20, 100 or even 1000 clients. This is not possible via phone call without huge staff overheads.
  • Mass inbound communication: Many 1000s of responses can be received without requiring a massive call centre to handle the replies.
  • Measurable delivery and responses (with SMS Speedway).
  • Very high penetration rate: Very few people delete a text message without reading it.
  • Ubiquitous: SMS is on nearly every mobile phone and is a truly global medium.
  • Clients prefer SMS communication.
  • Instant. SMS is instantly delivered to a mobile phone if it's in range and turned on.
  • Reaches people wherever they are: SMS does not rely on the recipient being able to check their email or being at home to receive a letter.

Clients prefer text message communication because:

  • It's discrete
  • Can be read when convenient, e.g. doesn't interrupt a meeting
  • It's personal.
  • It's private. For example, a clients may not want anyone to know that they are looking for a new house, if they are planning to leave their job or getting divorced.
  • Very familiar and easy to use

The SMS Speedway service adds many additional customer-facing advantages to text messaging communication:

  • SMS Speedway enables your mass communication to be highly personalised: The SMS Speedway platform supports a high degree of per-message personalisation as well as individual message tracking, personal replies and one-to-one communication.
  • Mass inbound communication: SMS Speedway offers numerous facilities to handle many 1000s or even millions of clients texting in, from intelligent and personalised automatic responses to intelligent routing of messages to the right people in your organisation, SMS Speedway makes mass communication manageable.
  • 24 hour opening times. With SMS Speedway's advanced message handling and response tools, your text based communication becomes 24/7 increasing customer satisfaction and maximising your sales and service capabilities.
  • Automatic courtesy: Our advanced message scheduling and personalisation tools enable you to present a better, more customer friendly service, for example courtesy follow-up messages, reminders or special greetings. Of course, these courtesies extend out of hours, ensuring their maximum effect and usefulness (e.g. a morning reminder that the service man needs access today to fix the boiler)

Text messaging with SMS Speedway is the most powerful communications tool in business today. Features SMS Speedway's easy-to-use WEB-based text message application enables you to:

  • Send text messages from your WEB browser, giving clients an average of 40% savings over normal mobile phone text message costs.
  • View your account details.
  • See your SMS sending log
  • Add user sub-accounts to your SMS Speedway contract
  • Purchase more text message credits
  • Send timed/out of hours messages such as viewing follow-ups or reminders of appoints/access requirements.
SMS Speedway also offers a powerful WAP hosting service, two-way messaging and premium rate text messaging to add further revenue streams to you business and enhance your customer contact.